Thursday, June 27, 2013

Young Avengers #6: Guys Keep Giving Prodigy Noodles and Gloves and Stuff (Spoilers)

What happened:

Nothing. Just kidding. For the most part. I read this on the bus and wasn't that into it, but I think that was maybe me being reactionary and missing the usual YA crew, because I liked it more when looking it over again. However, it's quite the change of pace after months of our other heroes' battling their dead parents and exchanging witticisms. In fact, we saw nothing of our usual gang (Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye, Noh-Varr, Miss America, and Loki). Presumably they're all admiring Billy's on-trend and fandom-igniting new outfit and still deciding on where they can go that isn't New York, New York; Broxton, Oklahoma; or Boulder, Colorado. Lagos, Nigeria? Reykjavik, Iceland? Bakersfield, California? Maybe they're in the back room of some club and Loki's teaching them all to snort coke. We don't know.*

Yeah, he's definitely bullying Wiccan and Hulkling into trying coke.

Anyways, the main idea in this issue is pretty clever and fun: boring jobs for superheroes. We start with Prodigy in a deliberately repetitive series of panels, trouble-shooting for a superhero hotline. I've worked in a call center, David. I feel your pain inflicted by that relentless ring and the confused and combative people it precedes. Then Tommy a.k.a. Speed, or possibly Dragon Ball Z's Trunks, appears. He works at the same place David does, but puts contraptions together very quickly and while hating it. Tommy pretty much forces David to become his friend, and they get noodles and coffee. We get some backstory on the endless Mutant drama. Then there's a break-in, someone's pretending to be Patriot, Tommy gets punched in the head and disappears, and David refuses to wear fake-Patriot's glove. The end. Oh and fake-Patriot's invisible.

"Give me the full Trunks. I want the hair, the jacket..."

Random Notes:

-Kate Brown's art is pretty and has great detail. It's playful, but maybe a little too playful with Tommy, who seemed to be in his very own teen comedy manga.

David, kindly, does not mention this.

-Tommy is sort of grating, but...that's kind of the point? He's a border collie/lab mix on caffeine. Best line: "Last night, I was on a podium, waving my shirt around my head, and a sudden thought came to me..."

-David has a call center job. He thinks he is going to be able to retire someday. ...How's the economy in the 616? Can I work there?

-"You just can't help ninjas."

-"I want you naked, now. Not in a sexy way."

What's next:

Young Avengers #7 is out July 10. Yay for not having to wait so damn long!

*from the preview for YA #7, it looks like they decide to visit a diner in space. If this is true and they don't run into Zaphod and Ford Prefect, I will cry.

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