Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Young Avengers #5: Loki is Nikki Minaj and JIM Fans Get Tossed a Bone

Cutesy variant cover by Jim Cheung.

Young Avengers #5 came out today! Spoilers ahead.

What happened:

Billy contemplates killing himself with Noh-Varr's beam-shooty gun to stop the Mother Parasite. I'm grateful that Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie don't provide realistic gun imagery in this scene. However, this does mean that it looks like Billy is trying to off himself with a hot glue gun. Anyways, we then learn that Loki is having some "Nikki Minaj's verse in 'Monster'" problems with sorta-Kid-Loki, his good side/guilty conscience/JIM fan bait. Perhaps swayed by sorta-Kid-Loki, Loki teleports back to Central Park to prevent Billy's self-inflicted crafting scald. Loki has figured out that the dead-fake-parents appear near where they died, which is why dead-fake-Laufey only showed up near the World Tree. Loki then super powers the rest of the Young Avengers long enough for them to escape. Billy is whiny and dramatic, and Noh-Varr hopes to have further sexual relations with Kate. America plans to watch Loki very closely. (As closely as Leah, complete with staring unblinkingly at his bedroom window all night long? He certainly has a type.) Now the team is off to somewhere that isn't New York, Oklahoma, or Colorado. Wherever will they choose?

Lemme get this straight: wait, I'm the rookie?

Random Notes:

-You know how in the 50s, people really, weirdly freaked out about comics? In a totally WTF manner? I really, really want to go back in time and show them this issue featuring a totally out gay couple and Loki's giant pentagram.

-America continues her main pursuits of punching people and dragging Loki around.

Atta girl, Miss America.

-Will Gillen fiddle with his word and bring back more of sorta-Kid-Loki? Maybe something happens in the forthcoming alternate universes issue? Maybe sorta-Kid-Loki becomes more a part of Loki-Loki? I really hope so, because the whole hangin'-with-teens thing is kinda creepy otherwise. Kid Loki, give Jason Todd a call on your Starkphone and get some tips.

-The Young Avengers don't know what make of Loki either. "He exhausted himself saving us, but also he might screw us over later? Um, let's lay him on some grass and stand a safe distance away until he wakes up."

What's next?

Young Avengers #6, with Prodigy and Tommy Sheperd speeding (boo) into the series, will be on sale June 26. Will Kate find herself in a love triangle with two hot, white-haired young guys?


Young Avengers #4
Young Avengers #1-3

The prototype for Noh-Varr's imagination-powered ship.

YA5 variant cover: Marvel
YA5 panels: crappy pics I took with my phone.
South Park: the SP wikia.

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