Monday, December 8, 2014

Top Three Cat Brother-Sister Internet Acts

Maybe Leslie and GOB worked better as siblings. :'(

Actually not as much "top three cat brother-sister internet acts" as much as "three cat brother-sister internet acts I happened to think of." Basically, this is a list that wouldn't even make the Buzzfeed cut, despite being 100% cats.

What is that gray lump in the foreground?

These guys are the reason for this list being made. Well, Scuba is. If you frequent reddit or reddit-cat-content-reposter LoveMeow, you've probably seen Scuba over the past week. Scuba, with her acid-trip eyes, lynx-like ear tufts, and a smile that ranges from coy to threatening, is likely the internet's next big cat star. Apparently she has a brother, Shadow. Shadow is a perfectly acceptable looking cat, and is probably very nice. But he just doesn't have that je ne sais quoi that will hopefully make Scuba this season's cat version of 2012 Jennifer Lawrence.

Sharing the spotlight? No.

Once upon a time in Arizona, a calico cat got knocked up by a stray tom and gave birth to a litter containing two deformed kittens. One of these kittens grew up to become the biggest meme-to-mainstream phenomenon we've yet seen, with celebrity appearances, merchandise, a line of cat treats, and even a Lifetime holiday movie. The other is Pokey. While Grumpy Cat (real, un-PC name: Tardar Sauce) scowls with character, although not quite $100 million worth of character, Pokey never managed to charm the masses with his vacant, if amiable, expression. 

Synchronized sleeping champions.

No Shadows or Pokeys here! We don't have the names of the cats of guremike. Such human designations are below them. (Cute Overload calls them Thing One and Thing Two.) While there might be occasional sibling rivalry, for the most part these two are in transcendent harmony.

Special Mention: Maru and Hana

Maru and Hana might not be related by blood, but they're still brother and sister at heart. They fight! They play! They cuddle! When Maru's owner introduced a kitten into their household, it wasn't clear how Hana's presence would change the blog and YouTube channel of the Famous Internet Cat trailblazer. But young Hana has proven herself an asset, being a befuddled straight man to wonderfully weird Maru one moment and frisky wildcard the next. On her own, Hana's a pretty normal tabby, but with beloved big brother Maru, she's a star. Or a co-star, at least.

But which pair should be dramatic superheroes?

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett in Blades of Glory: movpins
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Guremike: this adorable set
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Magneto's kids: Marko Djurdjevic cover

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