Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Young Avengers #11: Loki and Leah Would Be the Hottest Hunger Games Tributes

Just gonna assume McKelvie & Gillen broke Tumblr.

What happened:


So, Loki doesn't exactly come clean...ok, he doesn't come clean at all, to readers or his teammates, but he sort of fesses up to some relatively minor lies of his. And yet somehow still convinces Billy again to give him power, which either works exactly how he expected or not at all how he expected by giving him a hot new emo-boy teen look, complete with Classic McKelvie Loki black nail polish. He seems to have moved from 14ish to late teens, so now some ickiness can perhaps be avoided if he hooks up with America or also-young-adultified Leah, with whom he is now very matchy-matchy. And he won't have to pretend to have a hormone disorder in order to live it up at clubs with his fake ID.

In other exciting makeover news, Noh-Varr shaves his beard after being mocked by an ex. Also, he's chatting with his exes. Damn good thing Kate isn't pregnant. Don't be a cad, dude.

Anyhoo, they're going to attack Mother again and Teddy's a chair.

What didn't happen:

Saving Tommy, mentioning Tommy, vaguely remembering someone named Tommy exists. Tommy, you are the Egg of Young Avengers.

No, you're so cute, Kate.

Random Notes:

-Hunger Games Leah and Loki are so hot. They can be evil; I don't even care. Work through your differences, you alternative-fashion-loving kids! The only way a villain couple could challenge them in hotness is if The Dark Knight Joker and Arkham City Harley Quinn met up. Those couples should hang out anyways. They have so much to talk about: trickster archetypes, therapist clipboards.

-Did Kid Loki have a grander plan in mind when sending Leah to the beginning of time to protect her from Loki-Loki? If not, he could have at least sent her with herd of dairy cows and the blueprints for a milkshake machine.

-The razor blade panel is the panel everyone's been waiting for. Thanks, Oubliette!

Buh-bye, St. Nick-Varr...sorry...

-Now we don't have to worry about Kate becoming mind-controlled by Mother as long as she...thinks she's young? Is young at heart? Will that even work since Kate tends to be the most mature and motherly of the Young Avengers?

-Not surprised that out of the denizens of Asgard, Fandral's the one who's figured out how to use a cellphone. When you have new maidens to chat up, you adapt.

-What's David up to? David is so cool. I hope he wears a sweater vest again.

-Best makeovers during the series so far: Leah, Billy, Loki, Noh-Varr (Noh-Varr gets points knocked off for growing the beard in the first place).

-I thought it was my imagination at first, but there definitely seems to be an ongoing eyes-in-shadow/eyes-in-light thing going on with Loki-Loki and Sorta-Kid-Loki.

You're just jealous of his jacket.

What's next?

Young Avengers #12 is out in November. Presumably Tommy is not rescued.

Ultimate Nullifier's still here? Oh.

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