Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Francisco Literary Mags: Local Oldies

San Francisco's a literary town, so I decided to do a series of blog posts about its literary magazines and journals. How many posts this series will have I do not know, but the first entry covered the big three: ZYZZYVA, McSweeney's, and Zoetrope. This post features two smaller, but quintessentially San Franciscan, literary journals. 

Haight Ashbury Literary Journal
Haight Ashbury Literary Journal remains one of the champions of the old Haight: a Haight of hippies and weed and poetry readings and anti-war demonstrations. The journal was founded in 1979, and is kept going by editors Indigo Hotchkiss, Cesar Love, Taylor Landry, and Alice Rogoff. Each tabloid-style issue (only $4 each), is crammed with poems and illustrations. The content is certainly not all (or even mostly) centered on social issues or San Francisco, but this is a locally focused, socially aware publication. Full disclosure: I've been published in issues 28.1 and 29.1. 

Fourteen Hills
This glossy biannual is the literary journal of San Francisco State University, staffed by its rotating group of creative writing MFA students. Considerably younger than Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, it was started in 1994 and has provided the city a consistent university publication ever since. Fourteen Hills Press also publishes the Michael Rubin Book Award, but that is only open to SFSU students.

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