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The Bad Luck Local - Andromeda Spaceways Magazine
A dodo heist goes wrong.

In Retrospect, Maybe It Was Kind of Obvious That Mitch McConnell's Kink Was Being Torn Apart By an Angry Crowd - Points in Case
A letter to America from the remaining Senate Republicans.

The Mare of the Meuse - Luna Station Quarterly
Two guys, the French Revolution, and a unicorn.

Medved the Hamster - Mythic Delirium
What comes after the alien abduction? "You make do, don't you?"

Today, on HGTV - The New Yorker
"The Property Brothers show a couple what’s possible when it comes to a dated split-level. The husband is clearly intimidated by how stylish Drew looks in suits and how good Jonathan is at knocking down walls. He even cries a little."

Luz and Bee at the Beach - Mythic Delirium
Two women sunbathing after an atrocity aren't what they seem.

Marina in Blue - Zone 3
A nightclub fire survivor's life now includes PTSD and viral infamy.

Vaugirard  - Pretty Owl Poetry
Mysterious strangers move into an unglamorous Parisian neighborhood.

The Elephants of Paris - 100 Word Story
There are more elephants in Paris than you'd think.

The Tent - Bartleby Snopes
A woman's teenage daughter disappears.

The Last Art on Earth - 365tomorrows
In a world where everything is corporate, can creativity survive?


The Paris Umbrella, The Abandoned Office Building, and Monument - Jokes Review
Fontaine St-Michel - Polu Texni
Lock, Shock, and Barrel - Polu Texni
The Seventh Door - Polu Texni
Driving to Ashland, Oregon - sea foam mag
Post-Apocalyptic Yoga, All Levels - Switchback
Ladybugs - Pre-existing Poems
The Beeswax Candle - Plath Profiles (PDF, page 7)
Space Opera Settings - Souvenir Lit
Millennial John and Sherlock Meet Via Craigslist - NonBinary Review
Falling (March 21 and June 16, 2015) - Menacing Hedge
Regan, Goneril, and Edmund Go on the Run - Menacing Hedge
Passy & Flamingos in the Menageries du Jardin des Plantes - By&By Poetry
Wobbygong Shark $299.99 - Noble / Gas Qtrly
The Duke of Milan and His Brave Son Being Twain - Noble / Gas Qtrly
Mammon's Cave - Apex Magazine
The 4 Star Theatre - Jersey Devil
Sharks in Albuquerque - New Mexico Review
City Lights, Dirty Window - Literary Bohemian
The Unicorn of Renée d’Orléans-Longueville - Goblin Fruit
Ocean Beach, Late November - The Golden Key
Maiden - Silver Birch Press
Place de la Contrescarpe - egg
Inseparables - Up the Staircase Quarterly 
Monster Woman - Broad! (PDF)
In the Grass Umbrella
A Businessman's Reply to a Racy Magazine Questionnaire - The Vocabula Review
Horses & Dead Young Famous People - Umbrella
Intervening - Umbrella
Theory Class Entropy - Keyhole Magazine

In Print
Appalachian Heritage, Caesura, Freshwater, Zone 3, Star*Line, REAL, AvocetThe Pinch, Red Wheelbarrow, The First LineReed, Blue Unicorn, others