Friday, August 24, 2012


From the catless cat lady who brought you Cats on the Internet 1, which featured superior beings Maru, Meme, Winston, and Luna. Here are four more of the excellent kitties that rule the internet:


It was hard to pick a photo of LIL BUB for this, because any photo of Bub is automatically amazing. Famously odd-looking Bub is not a tragic case of over-breeding, as many who first see her often assume. She was the sole kitten with dwarfism in a litter to a stay cat. Along with dwarfism, Bub has no teeth and some other issues. Fortunately, she found a loving home! Bub is fun and fearless, traveling Times Square like it ain't no thang for a Good Morning America segment, going for outings in the park, and working as a paleontologist. In my mind, she and Luna the Fashion Kitty would be perfect for a cat buddy comedy. Luna's all about fashion, frills, pink bows, and diva-like behavior. Bub's laid-back, gregarious, and unconcerned about peeing on herself. After some Odd Couple hijinks, they could bond over their passion for supporting animal adoption. This show can go in the time slot after the Vautrin and Javert buddy cop series.

Well, if it isn't this guy again...

Oh, le grand ennui du chat noir Henri. It is totally possible I identify way too much with Henri. Squidward is my spirit animal, after all. You think your cat is having a relaxing day, just lounging around? Pah. Not if that cat is anything like Henri. And if it is, it is a cat and can't email Henri to commiserate, leaving Henri alone in a world devoid of a kindred spirit once more.

The cats of Big Cat Rescue!

These cats are many, and big (and not so big)! Big Cat Rescue, located in Florida, provides rescued cats with large, engaging habitats and minimal human contact. It's as close to the wild as most of these cats - rescued from illegal zoos/sideshows, backyard breeding, car accidents, etc. - can get. I think my favorites are Cameron and Zabu, the lion/white tiger "married couple" rescued from a roadside zoo. Even though lions and tigers would never be together in the wild, these two were so bonded that Big Cat Rescue kept them together, giving Cameron a vasectomy so that they wouldn't breed and have "ligers." The folks at Big Cat Rescue are staunchly dedicated to giving these wild animals the best quality of life possible, as their plethora of hilarious enrichment videos shows.


So here's the first cat in this epic series that is not a "real" cat. Yes, do not be fulled by the photorealistic image; Pusheen is an animated gif! And an incredibly cute one at that. Whether celebrating the Curiosity Mars rover landing or exploring uses for marshmallows, Pusheen does it adorably.

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