Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Tale of Three Skyping Cats

I am a crazy cat lady (alas, sans cats), and hardly miss a post on Love Meow, which has introduced me to the concept of cat-Skyping. I had already gathered from Youtube videos that cats are quite the pros at iPad and smartphone games (as are frogs), but didn't realize they'd mastered this technology as well. I don't know what feline neurologists would say cats' level of understanding about webcams is, but Skype certainly seems to inspire a gamut of emotions in kitties, from love to hatred.

This kitty 1) seems to recognize his owner from the webcam, and 2) has just had his mind blown.

"That's no random collection of pixels...that's my daddy!"

Moving from shock to aw, we have this sweet ginger kitty gazing adoringly at his human daddy, who is deployed overseas. Take that, dog people with your joyous dog/soldier reunion videos!

"I wuv you, daddy."

And then there's this cat, who is offended and frankly angry that you would subject her to your stupid whims and impose on her valuable time like this.

"Good day, sir!" *turns back*

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