Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby Trailer: 3D Art Deco Explosion Bootlegger Orgy!


Whew. Now that that's out of my system (NO IT'S NOT - SQUEEEEE), let's take a look at it. I know the Jay-Z and Kanye West music in the opening is already controversial, with some finding it fresh and perfect for the happenin' New York setting (apparently it was important during filming) and some finding it indicative of a forthcoming trainwreck of a movie. I think it was risky, but does a good job getting the tone in the trailer. However, I hope the actual movie will have an equally striking but less gimmicky soundtrack. But while the music is an unusual choice for 1920s New York, the visuals - of opulence and too-cool art deco everything - are perfect. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Scattered thoughts & notes, trailer below:

-The insanely opulent party at Gatsby's house is exactly how you'd imagine Baz Luhrmann imagining the insanely opulent party at Gatsby's house.

-I hate it when Luhrmann's party people look me in the eye, though. They do this in Moulin Rogue, too. I don't want to party with you; I'm very shy!

-LOL, Jordan. Barking up the wrong tree, girl.

-Meyer Wolfsheim is played by Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, and this cameo is his first Hollywood appearance.

-Leo! You look so pretty! Good job, hair & make-up team.

-Yes, everyone laughed at the tossing silk shirts scene + 3D technology implications, and guess what? We are going to have 3D silk shirts tossed in our faces.

-Still feeling Carey Mulligan's Daisy is a bit young.

-How Tom Buchanan is Tom Buchanan? So Tom Buchanan.

-Aw, yeah, check out that moral decay symbolized by that disgusting road!

-DOCTOR TJ ECKLEBURG! You look perfect.

-Nooooo, Myrtle. Just no. Text him later.

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  1. i enjoyed almost everything i read in h.s. except this... now i see the book was WASTED on my freshman self!! epically, criminally wasted. can't wait to re-read!!