Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Young Avengers #7: Sinnerman, where you gonna run to? (Spoilers)

Wow, Billy, big enough cape?

Ok, so Zaphod and Ford Prefect weren't at the space diner, but I didn't cry, because this issue was that good. Even without the universe's most awesome cousins. I'm on the road right now, but I've had travel/comic-book-Wednesday conflicts before, and it hasn't stopped me. (BTW, if you're ever in Paris and need a comic book, Album Comics in the Latin Quarter's your place.)

People lived in the Hotel de Cluny in 1334,
but they didn't have comic books.

What happened?

The issue opens with a group of young Skrulls who seem tantalizingly close to bursting into "Greased Lightning." But before they can even work out who's going to be Kenickie and who's going to be Danny, their fun is ruined by the Young Avengers! A skirmish ensues, and in Scooby-Doo fashion we learn that the "Skrulls" are not Old Man Jenkins but some Voldemortesque aliens called Skifflefuffles. No one has heard of them. Suspicious. But the Young Avengers find these appropriators of Skrull culture pretty lame, so they go to get breakfast.

While they head off to the diner, we learn what the Young Avengers have been up to via a characteristically clever narrative device involving Loki's social media. It turns out that Kate, Noh-Varr, Teddy, Billy, America, and Loki have been having a pretty good time: celebrating Teddy's birthday, attending concerts on the moon, forming their own in-jokes, etc. They're comfortable together now. Kate and America spar, Loki tutors Billy in magic, and Noh-Varr and Teddy talk relationships and mind-control saliva.

The Young Avengers troll the GOP.

At the diner, they are met with - in the most suave way possible - David/Prodigy, whom we saw last issue. David has come to our heroes for help finding his friend-by-force, Tommy/Speed. Since Tommy is Billy's kinda brother, this gives Billy a dramaface opportunity. The group goes to the site where not-Patriot kidnapped Tommy, and since they'll have to travel through the multiverse to rescue him, America reveals that she is actually Jem.

Truly outrageous!

Random Notes:

-The diner menu credits page was extra cheeky and fun. Oh, you guys.

-Loki's still addicted to his Starkphone. I really want to know what happened with Kate battling the girls' finishing school.

-Noh-Varr and Tommy have GOT to party together.

-How effing stylish is David? I'm starting to see why guys keep taking him out for noodles and giving him gloves. But why couldn't he contact the Young Avengers via Loki's Instagram?

-The Nina Simone thing was the best.

My name isn't Peaches, but Noh-Var can call me
whatever he wants.

What's next?

The much-anticipated multiverse storyline starts with Young Avengers #8, out July 24.

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