Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wasting Time on Youtube 2

Youtube is the worst. It's the ultimate time suck. You get stuck in a loop of "one more video" and then it's 3am and somehow via "suggested videos" you've transitioned from a link your friend posted on Facebook to the midst of the turtles-humping-pigeons subgenre you didn't know existed. That's why it's so great when you find a new favorite prolific channel - hours and hours of videos to catch up on and no ventures into that "weird part" of Youtube. 

Last time, Smosh, Mr. Arturo Trejo & Amigos, Kids React, and Epic Rap Battles of History were featured.

Actress Issa Rae captures all those painful, relatable awkward moments - from desperately rummaging to avoid someone to blurting out small talk about colon cleansers - in this popular webseries. J, our singing-in-the-car protagonist, navigates dating, friendship, the workplace, and life in general...awkwardly.

Cute Win Fail
That VOICE. Toby Turner is known for his vlogs, but you can spend way more time than you intended catching up on Cute Win Fail, the show where your votes are converted to list form on an unknown blog counted to decide which was the "most epic" of that episode's three clips: one cute, one a win, one a fail. This show is the potato chips of Youtube, but potato chips are yummy.

Oh, Kassem, you gorgeous-playing-ugly comedian you. You don't need to try and impress the Ray William Johnsons of the world. You're better (maybe?) than that. The premise of California On is that skinny-jeaned and personable Kassem Gharaibeh interviews the stoned, spacey denizens of Venice Beach about anything ranging from aliens to the revolution in Egypt. On his second channel, Kassem and his crew have way too much fun with a green screen while answering fans' questions questionably. Both make for hilarious, compulsive viewing.

Kittens. Kittens and kittens and kittens and kittens. This channel belongs to a Persian cat breeder and features thousands(!) of videos of some of the most adorable Persian cats and kittens you will ever see. If you're in a mood that can only be ameliorated with fluffy baby cats, this is your place. I know cat and dog breeding is controversial, but this lady seems to be one of the good ones who loves her animals and makes sure they get good homes.

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