Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Blogs

I'm calling these "happy blogs" because they're where I go when I need to cheer up or zone out for a bit. There are lots of blogs I waste time on, but some of my faves, like Passive-Aggressive Notes or STFU Parents,  can be more enraging than relaxing if you're already in a bad mood.

"Precious Unborn Fawns, here is a Family Pack of Meat for you to discuss." Oh, Tom and Lorenzo, you make everything better. I'm not a "fashion girl," but when I lived at home I watched Project Runway with my mom and ended up getting addicted to Project RunGay, a blog that recapped each episode's dramas and analyzed each hastily made garment. Project RunGay was a hit, and long-time couple Tom and Lorenzo soon began covering more of the fashion and entertainment world. When I was able to recognize a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes in a music video, I knew they had ruined me forever. But hey, sometimes the day calls for gazing at pretty dresses and critiquing/laughing at the ugly ones. 

The bloggers. Makes me wish the Runway Toons!

The Comics Curmudgeon 

Did you know that there are things called newspapers? And that they feature comics that are not webcomics but comics on paper that are often questionably drawn but somehow have been continuously published for decades and decades and decades? Did you know that there's a blog about them and if you start reading it you will suddenly find yourself dependent upon Josh Fruhlinger's examinations of Rex Morgan, M.D.? It's true! While our nation's seniors find reassuring predictability in Family Circus and Marmaduke, the Comics Curmudgeon sees a repressive cult and a murderous demon hound. But it's not all malice; Fruhlinger is certainly bringing these comics to a wider audience. Before this blog, did anyone under 30 know there was a thing called Apartment 3-G featuring the world's most hardcore BAMF, Margo? 

Thank you, Josh, for bringing Margo into my life.

Kitten photographer extraordinaire Laurie Cinotto has been documenting her work as a foster parent for kittens for the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society for years. My family has fostered many kittens for the Humane Society too, but not nearly on this scale! Homeless kittens that are too little to be adopted yet are placed in foster homes so that they can get lots of socialization and love. Laurie, her husband, and their own kitty, Charlene Butterbean, raise the fluffy babies into happy, adoptable pets. With Laurie's great photographs capturing each kitten's personality, you'll fall in love with every tiny stray that passes through her home!

The Darling family is one of many litters fostered by Laurie.

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